Limmat Group provides technological solutions for the digitization of the infrastructures that improve the management and efficiency of the same.

• Infrastructures of Transport

• Energy and grid

• Telecommunications

• Oil & Gas


The solution for the maintenance of your infrastructure.

IMAS is a scalable assistant maintenance system for infrastructures which improve the efficiency of the maintenance, the management of the resources and the availability of the facilities.
It provides real-time information of the stratus of the infrastructure, access to all the necessary documentation of the systems and facilitate the control and register of the maintenance activities through a mobile application. Some of the main characteristics are the following:    

• Real-time visualization of the CTC/SCADA System.    

• Geo-localization of the elements and components – GIS.    

• Access to the drawings, documentation, manuals and maintenance procedures.   

•Register of the preventive and corrective maintenance activities.   

• RAMS and warranty management.     

• Reports and statistics.


The present infrastructures, are formed by a great amount of different systems and subsites usually supplied by different manufacturers and suppliers. The modifications of the systems or subsystems that are part of the infrastructure normally are expensive (e.g. modification in a SCADA). For this reason, the next level of the IMAS solution is provide to the infrastructure managers a tool to collect data of their systems in a safe and non-intrusive way using ultra low power transmitters for wireless sensor networks. With these networks of sensors, IMAS can provide to the maintenance personnel additional real-time information and alarms that improve the efficiency of the maintenance and maximize the use of the infrastructure.


The highest level of IMAS solution includes specific predictive maintenance tools, that combine the use of big data and artificial intelligent, which help to program in advance the maintenance activities and will optimize the maintenance cost.


Limmat Group develops learning machines solutions using algorithms that can learn from and make predictions on data for improve the operation and the maintenance of the infraestructures.